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Our aim is to give new and emerging Artists an introduction to and further develop skills in retailing, exhibition display and packaging etc.

The Gallery space provides a platform for Artists and Crafty folks from across Scotland to showcase and sell their craft and creations with no financial commitment,  we also liase with a  local fine art publisher to bring you new emerging artists.

Lackdhu customers find local handmade crafted products from local resident Scottish based Artists here in our Gallery Space in Edinburgh's Historic Candlemaker Row.

If you wish to show, promote & sell your work in-store or online please provide a small introduction to yourself with images or links to your artwork.

We have assisted many artists increase their sales / career through our use of advertising, social media and of course our location in Edinburgh's Candlemaker Row.

Our new creations through Google business and Google Guides has seen our collection reach over 1 million views in less than a year.

For further details please please do not hesitate to contact us...

Send your details to lackdhu@gmail.com 

We are, and are supporting Awareness of Aspergers & Autism with Art exhibitions and social media posts.  

We have new social media accounts with rebranding and a new empahsis on Aspergers in Art and in the workplace, we will not care too much regarding typos, spelling and grammar full stop...



Evi Carmichael caputers Edinburgh Architecture and its surrounding countryside in Watercolour.



One of Edinburgh's well know Artists Keli Clark has been Painting Scottish landscapes, castles and the Capital City for over 30 years.

Now semi-retired she still likes to visit her Capital City for inspiration and visit her favourite store... Lackdhu