About us

We source Artists, illustrators and crafty folks from all over Scotland for you!

Along with providing a custom picture framing service to local Artists for over 30 years we are passionate about promoting local Scottish Artists, it's culture and it's Castle's!

We currently stock & promote a collective of over 50 Artists from Edinburgh and beyond, who produce a unique range of Edinburgh & Scottish Art Prints, illustrations, ceramics and jewellery.

"Our aim is to give new and emerging Artists an introduction to and further develop skills in retailing, exhibition display, packaging and branding etc. We have assisted many artists increase their sales & career through our use of advertising, social media and of course our location in Edinburgh's Historic Candlemaker Row. 

We also liase with a  local fine art publisher to bring you new emerging artists with their creations fresh from the press.

Our social media accounts have a new emphasis on Aspergers in Art and in the workplace.

We have employees with learning difficulties so we won't worry too much if you don't, regarding typos, spelling and grammar full stop...